10 December 2019

Company “2K” – People’s Brand 2019

Thirteen yearі in a row traditionally Media Corporation “Ria” has been hosting the contest “People’s Brand”. This project allows consumers to select the best producers of goods and services in the city of Khmelnytskyi in 38 nominations. The competition reflects the achievements of brands in their categories, and also tracks how consumers’ preferences change over the year.

According to the voting, our company “2K” received an honorable championship among manufacturers (industrial group).

Winning such a competition is not only pride but also a great responsibility. Recognition and appreciation of hard work, not only in Ukraine but also abroad, give motivation to improve, develop our own brands and do everything so that the use of our products give you only pleasant emotions. We are truly grateful to our customers, because the best reward for us is your love and trust.

Company “2K” will continue to delight its customers with a wide range, affordable prices and quality products that meet all European standards. We hope that our products will remain your favorite for many years and will give you and your dwellings cleanliness, comfort and care.