31 October 2019


The company “2K” offers to the market a wide range of washing and care abstergents of fabrics, a variety of detergents and cleaning products, as well as personal hygiene products.
The following brands are represented in the portfolio of the company’s brands:

  • “Dallas Cosmetics” – Hair cosmetics (shampoos, masks, conditioners, care products and styling). ECO BRAND.
    This brand has 4 product lines for hair care:
  • “My City” – BASIC line designed basing on the architecture of the US state of DALLAS;
  • “Exotic fresh” – exotic design and juicy aroma of fresh fruits for exquisite customers;
  • “Your style” – highlight your image for any event;
  • “Professional care” – an ultra-modern concept for style and perfection of your hair.
  • “Power Wash De Luxe” – effective STAIN OUT.

For those who want a guaranteed result.
Phosphate-free household chemicals: washing gels and fabrics care products.

  • “Doctor Wash” – a bold embodiment of an innovative recipe! ECO BRAND. Use of safe organic compounds and neutral aromas.
  • “Family” – phosphate-free household chemicals for the whole family! Save your family budget for a family vacation!
  • “Galax” – NEW GENERATION household chemicals for quality-conscious consumers who care about things and strive to take advantage of modern technology. NANO TECHNOLOGIES in design as a lifestyle.

A variety of detergents, cleaning products and personal care products: washing gel, concentrated dishwasher, glass and mirror cleaner, liquid soap.

  • “Wash & Free” – for people who prefer CASUAL style and want to get rid of everyday life. Universal gel for people with CRAZY LIFE PACE who do not sort things out.

The range of products is fully in line with European quality standards, the offer is constantly expanding and complemented by new product groups.